Hi. It’s nice to meet you. I built this site to help you get to know me better. In short:

I am a relentlessly curious, analytical, and creative leader who lives to understand people, solve problems, tell stories, and learn, who has the considerable luck to work at the intersection of human behavior, business, design, and technology.

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How I Think

Creative, Analytical, Technical


Problem Solver

How I Design Solutions

I view problems as opportunities to both learn and grow. Since a young age, I have been extremely curious and driven to understand why things work, and often more importantly, why they don’t. My background as an analytical and creative thinker informs my understanding of the world.

But just understanding the scope of the challenge doesn’t actually fix it. When posed with problems, I find solutions.



How I Connect

Storytelling is a major theme in both my life and career. Storytelling is at the root of my greatest accomplishments: setting sales records, building strategic partnerships with external and internal stakeholders, motivating team members, and synthesizing and sharing findings to influence product development and design.

People are driven by narratives, and I use them to create lasting and meaningful connections.



How I Get Things Done

Great leadership brings out the best in everyone. I believe in leadership by example and the importance of properly motivating teams through a common understanding of the overall goals, purpose, and responsibilities for each given project. With a solid understanding of where we are going and why, it becomes much easier for team members to achieve targets and milestones.


Applied Learner

The Common Thread

This is the foundation for everything. I never stop learning, and I never stop applying what I learn to what I do. It makes me a better thinker, a more emphathetic leader, a better problem solver, a more effective storyteller, and a better person. When I stop learning, I stop living.


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